Sunday Services

8:16 Contemporary Service

Our early morning service is called 8:16 Enlightened and is an intergenerational and culturally diverse assembly of believers and seekers who worship in Riverside’s Fellowship Hall. They meet at 8:16 every Sunday morning and focus one praising God and bring His eternal light to the world.  They worship through the mixture of Contemporary Christian songs and old Hymns; and our Pastor and Youth Minister usually “Team” preach the morning sermons. They usually end the service with an altar call and/or personal testimonies.

8:16 was not only chosen to be their starting time, but the worshippers deprives their mission and title from Luke 8:16. Here Jesus told his disciples “No one after lighting a lamp covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a stand, so those who enter my see the light.”

Whether you are living through dark times, experiencing despair and sorrow, or just seeking a genuine and lasting relationship, members of the 8:16 Enlightened Service hope you can join them and find what you are looking for.

10:30 Traditional Service

Our 10:30 Traditional worship service is a blending of traditional worship with a modern feel. Through wonderful hymns sung by the congregation and accompanied by the pipe organ and piano, you will find God’s presence. The Chancel Choir adds to the service by offering a wide mixture of both classical and contemporary Christian music setting an atmosphere for people encountering Christ.

Pastor Chip provides Christ-centered, Gospel-driven messages of love and hope. He seeks to be relevant in relating scripture to living out our daily lives as followers of Christ. We strive to allow ourselves at Riverside UMC to be transformed by the Scriptures rather than making the Scriptures conform to our desires.

You will find as you enter our beautiful sanctuary an atmosphere welcoming and accepting of all people. We feel the warm hospitality you find will be contagious and uplifting.

Hispanic Service

La Manõ Poderosa de Jesus
Sunday Service 1:00PM in Kidztown