Special Study Groups


For over two decades, the congregation at Riverside United Methodist (young or old, new believers or experienced) has been blessed with the opportunity to study God’s Word in an in-depth study series—the Disciple Bible Study Series. This curriculum was developed, and is still evolving, by leading clergymen of the United Methodist Church and renowned Biblical scholars. It ranges from the basic introduction series, Disciple I, Becoming Disciples through Bible Study to a couple “second generation” special studies.

In order to receive all that the courses provide both intellectually and spiritually, participants must be committed and devoted to reading God’s Word daily. Classes meet once per week for 90 minutes-2 hour sessions with a group of 4-10 other fellow “disciples.”  Classes are facilitated by trained and experienced members of the laity who encourage “disciples” to share their thoughts, challenges, and questions openly.  Most facilitators were former students and “graduates” in the Disciple Bible Study Series.

Although the courses require an ample amount of time, all who have been involved with the Disciple Series remarked how they have been greatly blessed by the fellowship and warm relationships with fellow participants.  They also comment that their time had been well-spent in acquiring a greater understanding of God and His Word, and invested wisely into their faith and spiritual growth.

The courses offered as follow:

  1. Disciple I, Becoming Disciples through Bible Study (comprehensive view of entire Bible in 32 weeks, and offer Fast Track version of 24 weeks).
  2. Disciple II, Into the World and Into the World (covers the Books of Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts–now available in original 32-week course or newly-developed 12 week fast track).
  3. Disciple III, Remember Who We Are (covers the Prophets and epistles of Paul)
  4. Disciple IV, Under the Tree of Life (covers the Old Testament “Writings,” and the Books of John and Revelation).
  5. Disciple Short-Term Bible Series (six in all—The Old Testament, the New Testament, Genesis, Psalms, John, and Romans).
  6. Special Studies, Christian Believer
  7. Special Studies, Jesus in the Gospels

Starting in January 2018, the facilitators will be offering two classes:

  1. Disciple I, Becoming Disciples through Bible Study (original or fast-track)

{This course is a pre-requisite for all other Disciple Series courses)

  1. Jesus in the Gospels

This course is offered to current Disciple Bible students and “graduated” students who wish to pick up their bible study again.  This will be a great opportunity for participants to study with other individuals who they had never had a chance to fellowship with before.

The course is a 30-week study which will focus on how each writer of the Gospels perceived our Lord and Savior in their own unique way.  We will not only study what Jesus said and did, but who he truly was, and how his is still active in the lives of class participants.  We will read the stories and narratives in the Gospels as if Jesus was speaking to us today—and how we would respond to Him.

If interested or have questions–call Riverside United Methodist Church, or contact Jon Merrill (478-365-8117) or e-mail him at jonathanmerrill@cox.net.

Women’s Bible Study

A new women’s Bible Study meets on Sunday afternoons at 5:00 p.m. Women of all ages are invited to come and open your hearts to know what it means to truly be a Woman of God living in today’s world. We will hear and discuss stories that strengthen our faith as well as practical Bible teaching that can transform everyday life from great teachers such as Sheila Walsh, Andy Stanley, Max Lucado, Lisa Harper, Lysa TerKeurst, Pricilla Shirer, Beth Moore and more. There is no homework, and each lesson is independent of the previous lesson, so this would be a great time to plug into a study – even if you have a busy schedule and cannot attend each week. All that is required is an open spirit to believe in the possibility that God can indeed do anything in your life.

United Methodist Women

Riverside United Methodist Women meet each month with the Love/Faith Circle Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00am and the Friendship Circle Meeting the second Tuesday at 6:30PM. Both circles meet at the church for convenience of our members, and both prioritize missions. Some of our members volunteer at Daybreak, Methodist Children’s Home, and Macon Outreach. We support these agencies along with the Macon Volunteer Clinic and Macon Rescue Mission, and one circle delivered Christmas presents to the children at Hephzibah Children’s Home. We continue to support the Backpack ministry of Riverside. On our local and district level, we support the three South Georgia Agencies, the Vashti Center in Thomasville, the Wesley Community Center in Savannah, and the Open Door Community House in Columbus. Our major fundraiser for our mission work is Candle Burning for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and we greatly appreciate the support of Riverside UMC members. We invite all ladies to attend one of our meetings–you will be glad you did.

Men’s Prayer Group

The Men’s Prayer Group meets weekly on Mondays at noon for fellowship, in-depth Bible study, discussion of current topics and how they relate to us, and prayer. This group believes in the power of prayer and the healing and comfort it can bring to others as well as to ourselves.