Our Beliefs

Riverside United Methodist Church is part of the global United Methodist Church. As United Methodists, we share a common heritage with all Christians. According to our foundational statement of beliefs in the Book of Discipline, we share basic affirmations in common with all Christian communities.

God: the Father, the one true all powerful Creator and Sustainer of all things; Jesus Christ, fully human, fully God, who through His life, death, and resurrection offers salvation to all who put their faith in Him as Lord of their lives; and the Holy Spirit, the indwelling presence of God, equipping believers for the work of ministry and empowering them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
See Matthew 28:19-10 

The Bible: the divinely inspired, authoritative writings which reveal the will of God for all of creation; the supreme standard of faith, received by the community of faith as the sure guide to both a personal and communal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
See II Timothy 3:16-17

Grace: God’s unconditional love in action, seeking to bring all people to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
See Ephesians 2:8

The Church: the Body of Christ, Jesus, present and visible in the world through the Holy Spirit in the worship, prayer, teaching, fellowship, witness, sacraments, and sacrificial service of His followers.
See I Corinthians 12:27

The Kingdom: the present reign of God in the lives of those who follow Christ and its future fulfillment in the victorious return of Christ; when He will honor the choices we have made, either for hell or for heaven and eternal life.
See Revelation 11:15